Cats Records Records

"from the basement to your facement"


hi im jamie and im going to tell you a little about this record label of mine.cats records recordswas founded in 2007 in a terrible basement in southern vermont. since then, its moved to a less terrible place in mid-vermont.cats records recordsis the parent record label ofmeaty tapes, the tapes-only label founded by johnny rocker of the rockers. cats records recordsis a straight up CD-R label currently with maybe one exception. its looking like it might stay that way for a while. check the catalogue page to check out what we currently have available as its also looking like theres going to be only going to be more and more and more. as a final announcement, sorry about the weird spacing that is about to happen, this machine makes no sense

love & thank you &

breathe fire & take care

& eat spiders,


the currentcats records recordsroster includes

heat wilson

the original rock and roll bad boys.

fattest piano, champagne riding riffs,

& lots of zaps bzzts & everything else

you want in a band.

jamie cobra time

trying to convey musicallythe feeling you get when

you are somewhere flatstaring at power lines going

as far as you can see,crossed with the feeling of

riding by that same scene on the nose of a burning freight train,

cursing & cacklingas you fireyour flaming sixgun

and puke lightning

big french

singing higher than the highest beach boy, higher

than the highest beach boy, party and bullshit, scaring kids,

holding kids, making music, and pissing in the back of the

schoolbus.squares dont get his music.

nate shapiro

if his music were fruit, it would be the best fruit.

his music rocks. i don't know how else to say it. it rocks.

gryphon rue

pop-anti-folk from hot new york city's hottest rising star. if

you get spit on from a window while in NYC, go up and ask

that dude to sing for you before you punch him in the face.

you might not have to punch him in the face. always down

for a sing-a-long, always down for a million dollar smile.


sweet strumming & murderous sweet songs rolling out

of brooklyn. partners in crime, partners in wine, king of

first-take genius


hardcore bold moves from houseface and quinn walker.

hearing em is like wearing the most badass slashing licks

and noiseshreds on your head & then having em fused

to your brain by a wayward lightning bolt

insane clown pussy

get a brown paper bag, some spraypaint, get on the toilet,

throw on this CD-R and i dont know, just try and deal with it.

noise blinkoneeightytwo vomit shitting on a tape recorder.

twisted sister

wavelengths that birds think on mashed up with bees

making honey at a million miles an hour.


soundcat is a giant cat with 10 inch glowing eyes

that is mystically powered by psychedelic meowcore

guitar jams and terrifying catsong. its soon to debut on

a soundtrack abouta film about a lonely man trapped

in a spaceship.

radio radio

travelin acoustic rock n roll switchup from some of the

cats records records original gangsters. plays songs

from different teamsters much better than the original teamsters.

also the name of a band that sounds like everclear from ohio, we'll

pretend that that doesnt bother us.

the rockers

"we go both ways- but not with you."

-johnny rocker

band includes vincent rocker, ludwig rocker, and turok rocker.

these dudes are way too fucking cool, and i know a very limited

amount about them other than that they came in a storm of tight

black clothing, coffee, and cigarettes, and have captured the hearts

of anyone to ever hit play on one of their tapes. name-droppable,

and are just about the right amount of famous already.